Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Now that I've been here for nearly a month, I'm getting used to the "Ugandan way" of life.  I understand that turning on our stove to cook while the hot water heater is turned on is a big no-no (too many amps....the breaker starts smoking).  I've accepted the fact that my feet will be always be filthy. 
I'm starting to learn roads and shortcuts, and in general, I'm not scared to cross the street anymore....an experience very similar to the old-school "Frogger". I can say "Ensali laco" to bargain away the "muzungu" price (although sometimes even my bargained price is still too high).   I know how to buy minutes for my phone and which veggie market gives the best produce.  In general, my comfort level is normal now.

I'm still working on getting used to travel though.  It takes forever to get anywhere. Traffic is terrible, especially at 8 and 5. You will almost always see something interesting as you look out the window (50 live chickens hanging upside down on a boda (a motorcycle taxi) or a herd of longhorn cattle walking down the side of the road). The dirt roads are either decent (like picture A)  or terribly steep and full of potholes (picture B). I'm so surprised ALL vehicles aren't 4WD over here. 

picture A
 picture B

It's been 4 weeks and I'm just now getting my bearings  here.  In two days, our house mates will be headed home back to the states.  The Ferrells will continue this journey alone for the remaining time (well....we do have some visitors coming for a week - yea!), and I have a feeling time will fly as Boog gets busy with sponsorship duties, and I hope to ramp up my involvement at the Bwerenga village school.

We hosted Mama Catherine and her wonderful crew last night for dinner. After hearing her testimony & life story, all I can say is, the sometimes difficult "Ugandan way" of life very often is the road to being a bright, shining star for Christ.  I certainly didn't start off on a difficult road in life, but I pray I won't forget the roads of others....and help them even out the potholes when I can.

I certainly won't allow myself to complain much when I return to the states.


Anonymous said...

MORE, MORE, MORE! I want to hear and see it all! Miss you like crazy. I want to pick yall up at the airport, please!!!!! Miss my Sophie girl!
= Angela

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