Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Redeemer

Today we drove 2 hrs. to Jinja, the source of the Nile River, and home to many (many!) different orphanages.

One we visited was a home to 19 special needs children. To say I was flabbergasted at the young women who serve there daily is an understatement. I didn't take pictures..... Just focused on loving the one in front of me. But I was truly, truly blessed. One of the children I met there was the same child I met last year in the Remand Center. I remember last year, he was skinny.....drooling....really close to death's door. Today, as a result of being in a loving orphanage that knows how to meet his special needs, he is thriving!! Smiling ear-to-ear and at least 20 lbs. heavier! It was a blessing to see him again.

We also visited Redeemer's House. It was a breath of fresh air! The pictures below speak volumes because in them you see happy, smiling children who, yes, are orphans but are loved well. A model for any home. The kids have neat, orderly cook & clean.... And one little guy took to Boog like a kid to candy.

Tomorrow, we head back to Kampala to start our work week again with 60 Feet. This trip to Jinja was a nice break!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, Sweet....thanks for sharing - looks like Sophie has no problem getting things under "her control, - glad you had such a blessed trip - Love, Mom

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