Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not-Top Chefs....

So food in Uganda is a whole 'notha layer on the slice of an already interesting pie.

There's no drive thrus. You can't get a Sonic drink when it's happy hour. What to serve for lunch is always a question - deli meat & cheese are practically non-existent here unless you pay out the wazoo.  Colleen, thankfully, lived in Uganda for a time and knew her way around some of the spices and fruit prices. Did you know you can buy delicious pineapples for 2,000 shillings?? That's about $.80.  Yeah.

So we've been dishing out some interesting meals for dinner. Some have been a hit - Colleen's beans & rice (yummo!), my chicken strips (fried in Mukwano grease....that means "friendship").  But then there's been some disasters - lemon chicken ....we knew something wasn't right with those green gremlin-lookin' lemons, and some really bad chicken fried rice with pork meat that tasted like feet.  

However, I know that I'm lucky to have great Muzungu-friendly (that's the term for white people!) grocery stores and fresh veggie markets. I've picked out my favorite places to shop! We even have a special vendor lady we named "Babs" who gives us good deals on veggies.

My family is getting used to your non-typical meals, and even my pickiest eater, Sophie, has had to come to terms with her aversions.  

Sophie eating a "Pango" (a mango from a tree!)
 Sitting down for Chipate (yummy) and a traditional Ugandan meal

Colleen & I had the extra bonus of cooking for 22 people when the Sixty Feet team came in last week. We served up the traditional Ugandan meal - beans/rice/guacamole/gnut sauce/sweet potatoes and fried zucchini.

Heck - it was so good, we even started our own catering company!
 G-Nut Sauce....I'm still laughing at the name.

And lastly, to add a last note about livin' life here in Uganda. I'm ALMOST used to line-drying and ironing every. article. of. clothing.   Can you hear me? Almost.

The Girls Having Fun Doing Laundry


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