Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Free Day!

Happy Fall!

One must have a day where nothing is on the agenda. Today was that day for us! Oh....we did get busy a little. This morning, I asked Boog to unload all of Grace's baby clothes (0 mos - 3T)from storage to see if anything was keepable for 'lil Sophie. Out of the 14 plastic containers we had been storing for four years........I kept one bag full. How's that for trying to be frugal? I was trying to save and reuse......but unfortunately, after 4 years of storing, the colors were faded, spots were darkened, and well.....'lil Sophie just might need a new outfit or two! So.....the rest are going into a garage sale....or donation pile....or something.

But other than that, we Ferrell's hung around the house, watched college football (not the Ags, mind you, no decent TV station wants to get within a mile of this season's team. Boo.) and did what you sometimes need to do on these beautiful Fall days - relax. : )

(We're headed to California in T minus 4 days to visit some precious friends and their new daughter......I can't wait! Pictures will be coming soon!)

I DID bake a dump cake....would you call that baking?

Grace takin' a nap on daddy's shoulder

Bible Journey Exodus 13:1-16:5


Stephanie said...

Cute scarecrow......and very cute pic of Grace and her Daddy!!!

Hope you guys have fun in Cali!!!!

The Garners said...

Love your fall front porch decorations!

Briana Rachel said...

Aw, I bet it'll be hard giving away Gacie's baby clothes. Cute scarecrow!

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