Monday, October 5, 2009

The Good Stuff

So tonight....we just popped a frozen pizza in the oven (I made a salad to boot, so I did try to make it somewhat healthy), we're settling down into the night, enjoying the end of our 3-day weekend, we've visited family, gone to nieces' volleyball game.....all is good.

"I love you," says the hubs, as he leans in to kiss me on the cheek.
"Love y......"

Toot!.....goes the baby on the floor.
We laugh at the moment. And I, secretly, try to memorex those few seconds....a kiss spoiled by a 8 month old's innocent toot.....knowing that THAT stuff is the good stuff.

That little girl, above, messy.....nasty......drooly......trying to stuff fistfulls of those little airpuff thingys into her tiny mouth. She's the good stuff. And I can't forget big sister, who never fails to impress my with her sister skills. She's the good stuff. And how life is getting a little messy right now for in tight quarters (love the shack, babe, but it's tight!)....trying to figure out what's the "next move" for the Ferrell clan (to build, to buy, to wait.....oh my!)......

It's all good. I love it.


Jenna said...

perfectly titled! I needed to read that on a day where both little boys had explosive diapers that led to LOTS of laundry!:) Hope ya'll are doing well. I will be praying that ya'll figure out exactly what the next move shoule be. Miss you!

The Garners said...

So true! Joy in the journey--I keep reminding myself of that while Lane is in school. It's hard not to wish he was done, but why would I wish away these sweet days with little kids!? They grow up too fast!

Allison said...

I made your soup for dinner last night and it was excellent and easy! Thanks for sharing!

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