Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh No He Didn't.....

Oh the Things to Come!

I believe he did. A little boy asked my daughter for a date. Well, not really a date per say, but it did have the whole 'arm-hooking/walking side by side' thing going on.
In kindergarten, that's a date.

But a little boy did ask Grace to "escort" him during his peewee football homecoming ceremony. She'd known him since they were babies, so after much disapproving at first, I allowed this "escort-ship" to happen. Grace was excited, thinking she was "homemade queen" - her words. In fact, as we drove up and she saw the crowds in the stand, she said....."That's not enough people to watch me!". She isn't big on attention, can't you tell?
She did look pretty though. Pretty as a "homemade queen".

These past two months have been super busy for the Ferrell family. So much so, that I owe several people apologies for not getting done what I said I was going to get done, and I owe a special know who you apology for the likes of this one down below who purposely showed her ROTTEN side at a post-church lunch the other day. Keri, I hope your floors and Bri's room are okay - we left in a such a hurry because of ......


This is ALL I see of her these days...she's comin' and a goin' everywhichway!

Nine Months Old Tomorrow. Where did the time go?


The Garners said...

Grace looks so pretty!

Stephanie said...

Oh my!!! Chip would have busted a vein over that!!! : ) I guess Boog took it well??? It doesn't seem like kids in Kindergarten are old enough to be worried about who is escorting them at a pee wee game!!! Although it IS very, very cute.

And little Sophie isn't so little anymore huh???? Sad. She is a cutie pie!!

The Allens said...

Oh my gosh! That's precious!

Keri said...

I swept my floors prior to your arrival. You should have seen them before hand. Yikes! Rance and poptarts aren't a good combo. Rance and any food aren't a good combo if you want the floors to stay clean. Spike did and excellent job though. So, no apologies needed.

Grace looks like she is beaming! How cute. Homemade Queen, love it.

Give Sophie a big nine month old hug for me.

Jenna said...

I love your little "homemade queen"! And Sophie...can she get any cuter or sweeter. I loved seeing her sleeping on Mark's shoulder on Sunday. Glad we got to catch up a little the other night! I am still working on our Girls Night...looking forward to hanging out!

Pigtails & Pearls said...

She is one beautiful "Homemade Princess!" I love your blog.

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