Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 Months

Off they go...friends forever.

Don't they go by in a blink? One minute, you're exhausted from making sure they don't eat leftovers out of the trashcan or shove ten portions of cookies in their mouth. You are at the counter with them on your lap, coloring and oohing and ahhing over their scribble marks. Then all of the sudden they are walking. Having conversations. Helping you bake. Just the other day, my almost six year old read half of a "Fancy Nancy" book in just about 10 minutes. Reading!

Sophie, you're 15 months today and it HAS gone by in a blink. You are still the pickiest little eater in our household. You have a quick temper, but are easy to cool down. You make our hearts melt when you tell everyone "ni-night" when it's time for your baba *no....we haven't kicked the ba-ba at nighttime yet...shame* You love to copy-cat your sister. You could take walks outside for forever. And those hugs......we can't get enough of those hugs.

Your sister thinks the world of you. So do we.


The Keltons said...

Precious. Growing so fast.

Anonymous said...

Toooo Precious, just love kids playing in mud and water, and its ok if the bottle has'nt gone yet! Brandi had hers until she was 2!(I think), (she turned out fine!:)
Trust me they will be "30",before you know it! Savor every "little" moments!
(ok,this is just going to post under anonymous I guess. Won't let me use my acct.) K.Miers

Jenna said...

such a sweet picture of Sophie and Grace together! It does go by so fast! Let me in on the secret for calming Sophie down...we haven't found the magic trick for Karter!:)

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