Monday, April 12, 2010

One Day She'll Forgive Me

( Is This Bedhead Precious or What??)

No, I'm not talking about forgiving me for posting these pictures. I'm sure my children will have a lifetime of therapy bills to send me once they realize I have blogged about their entire lives.
I'm talking about forgiving me for what surely earns my
"Mother of the Year" award.
It's barely a quarter into 2010.

Tonight I was cooking PW's "Marlboro Man" sandwiches. (Yes, we're still going strong with P90X.....No, we haven't adopted the nutrition plan, obviously.) If anyone knows Pioneer Woman, she likes a little heat (aka tabasco) with all her meals. So I added the heat. I tasted the heat. And my super-spicy-lovin' palate told my brain that they tasted great!
Then my brain switched off.

I peeled off a morsel of the meat...truly a morsel...maybe the size of a pencil eraser....and let Sophie try. Within minutes she was screaming, crying, and wailing. Since my brain was off, I didn't put two and two together. I thought maybe her stomach hurt or something. 5 minutes later of screaming, my hubs brought in some tastebud soothing milk, and viola, she was cured. Smiling and happy...only not smiling at me.

She did not want me to put her down for bed tonight. She flailed about and reached for daddy. I always put her down. Not tonight.
Maybe tomorrow my bedheaded baby girl will have forgiven me.....


BeechemBrightSpots said...

That's hilarious...sounds like something I'd do! :)

Jenna said...

Love the bed head...and hearing about the sandwiches just makes me hungry...they are so good!

Keri said...

How funny! You know my number the next time you're fixin those sandwiches. ;)

Nana's Nuggets said...

Flo, I enjoy so much those expressions that those babies have! but this makes me just want to pick her up amd love on her! that is so sweet, even in her misery! Love that "bed head Look"!! and I have to get that recipie for those sandwhiches, you and Jenna make me so hungry with your pics.of that sandwhich.

Stephanie said...

Cute pics!!!! :)

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