Saturday, April 17, 2010

360 Evaluation

I've been monitoring myself lately. Taking stock of my life. My time spent on the computer, phone,, bible, reading, etc. I've actually liked a few things I'm seeing, and have abhorred a few things as well. I thought I'd share some results. After all, why not?

phone: Doing pretty good in this area. Namely because hardly anyone calls our home phone because no one knows the number. And my cell? Hardly any one calls because they know it's never charged. So phone? Check. Doing good. (But maybe I need to check on my family/friend relationships! Apparently I don't really talk to anyone. What's my sister's name again?)

computer: I do blog, and I read other blogs. But blogging is quick and I feel, worthwhile, for the simple reason of: I don't scrapbook, therefore I blog. : ) I don't tweet. I won't tweet. I do facebook, but I'm starting to ....what's the word? Fall out of love? I liken facebook to peer pressure. I'd like to quit, but it seems like everyone's doing it. I need to get better. If I see myself checking facebook more than twice a day, I disgust myself a little.

P90X: Going on the 9th day. Boog & I get up at 5am for our one hour workouts. I really enjoy it (even with the sleep deprivation), my muscles are starting to firm up, it provides a little bonding time for my hubs and I sans the kiddos.....but it all leads to a little bit of guilt because (see below)......

Bible reading:...(continued) I know I'm not spending an hour a day doing this. I definitely am feeling convicted here. God's worth a lot more than a pair of good lookin' triceps. In fact, how does God feel when I spend more time improving the look of the triceps He created, as opposed to getting to know the Creator Himself? Aaarrgghhh. Hit me right in the gut.

Family: I must say, teaching has its perks. Now that Boog's free from coaching duties, I feel we're getting more quality AND quantity family time than ever. We're both home by 4:30, and usually, the rest of our day is spent together, in the sun with the girls, going for walks, and eating dinner together. Doing good here......(until football season).

Friendships: I'm going to be brutally honest here and mark myself with a C-. (No, please don't offer up those, "flo, you're a great friend"...blah, blah, blah.) Truth be known, I don't call people enough. I am not thoughtful enough, nor do I try enough. I need to get better at this. (Facebook hasn't been helping this's like you know things about your friends, without really having to pick up the phone.)

Outreach: Both Boog and I feel like something's on this horizon here. We're not quite sure what it is or what it looks like....hard to examine this area right now. We'd love some prayers for our path here.

And finally...
Marriage: I mark us with a B+. Room for improvement, but very satisfactory. I could find several ways to be a better wife, but overall, I leave my house most every morning with a kiss from the man I've always dreamed about marrying. So therefore...I can't complain.

This really has been on my mind a lot lately. I realize a few things about Flo that I like, and a few I don't.

It's all definitely food for thought.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Flo, I would say to all of this, is that you are Growing in Christ! and all of this is nothing more than a minute by minute, moment by moment, day by day, growth spurt with God! Just keep your focas on Him!! Have a wonderful day in the Lord! :)

Stephanie said... are doing way better than me in almost all areas!!! : ) You ARE a good friend though...who do I call first when I have BIG news??? YOU!!! : ) Who has time these to days to catch up with everyone......not anyone I know.

Love you girl.

Jenna said...

good post! These "evaluations" are not always fun but I agree with Kay that is shows that you are growing and trying to be more like Him!

Anonymous said...

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