Monday, April 5, 2010

To Do It or Not To Do It

....THAT is the question.

My mus-cul-ly brother-in-law started it. It meaning the P90X craze that has taken over. It worked so well for him (the dude in shades holding my munchkin!) and his wife, that they've practically become the P90 spokespeople.
I'm thinking of trying it. I'm scared of trying it.

I need inspiration - that's a good thing. I need to get rid of my Sophie flab that's been hanging around for oh, 14 months now, that's another thing. I need to figure out whether I can devote one hour a day for six days a week to do it though.
That's the hardest thing.

One hour a day. Six days a week. A nutrition plan. All that is enough to make me want to regurgitate the leftover Easter cupcake and ice cream I just ate. (I don't think that's P90ish!)

What to do, what to do.....or just do nothing. Nope. It's about to be bathing suit season.

(Here's my other inspiration...the Athleta catalog! )


The Allens said...

P90X is crazy, I think. My husband does it and loves it. He did Power 90 when it came out years ago and then upgraded to P90X when it came out. Now he alternates and loves it. My brother loves P90X and is on his second round of it. He had great results. But it looks like too much for me. I leave that to the boys and stick to Pilates.

Keri said...

I hear ya about the flab, but you don't have any to speak of! What are you talkin' 'bout? I'm game if you are. ;)

Jenna said...

You and Keri are both CRAZY!! If anyone needs to do it, I do! I will tell you that we did it for a month and did get good results. It is just really hard to carve out an hour for very intense. We tried to do it at night after the boys were in bed...that worked for Nathan but it left me bouncing off the walls! Good Luck!

Jenna said...

Good job on getting through plyo! In my opinion that is the hardest workout! Have you made it through the ab ripper yet? I was NEVER able to make it all the way through with 25 reps everytime!

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