Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Extra $250

No, we didn't go lurking under our couch pillows and nickel and dime an extra $250 this past month. We actually saved it.
The good 'ol fashioned way.
Well, really the good 'ol Dave Ramsey way.
We envelope budgeted it.

Anyone who isn't a neurosurgeon, lawyer, hedgefund manager, or billionaire heiress probably knows of this system. A few months ago, my hubs and I noticed we had gotten a little sloppy (this tends to happen when you move). We had gone a little DBH (Debit Card Happy) and we could .....scratch that.....I could tell things were getting out of whack. I pay the bills, therefore I would know.

So we enlisted Dave's enveloped budget and went low-cal on any debit card swipes. We put away our fixed expenses: Tithe, Mortgage, Savings, Bills, etc. and left 4 cash envelopes for: groceries, gas, eating out, and misc. Now, to budget groceries in the Ferrell household is a bit of a mystery. We put way too much cash in for eating out. And not enough in for gas and misc. the end of the month, we had an extra $250 just laying around to put into our savings!! I don't know about you, but I was impressed.

A few years back, we probably would have laughed at this post. Boog and I, in a former life, thought $250 was more like $25. We were young Dallas-ites, childless, and making too much money for people with our shallow, non-sensible minds back then. (I'm a little embarrassed.....)

However, now that we are both teachers, things are different. I'm not knocking the pay, because I know it's way more than the North Koreans (or 80% of the world) makes, but still. It's tight some months. So....envelope budget, you did us well.

Dave Ramsey, you rock!


BeechemBrightSpots said...

I totally agree with you! We started the envelopes in January and have saved SOOO much! I'm proud of you!

Jenna said...

Can I borrow your envelopes, cause mine aren't working near that well!:) Good job! Let me know if you have found any good tips for saving even more!

The Allens said...

We were the same way years ago and we feel the same about it now. Proud of you. How's P90X going? Jory wants me to start doing it with him.

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