Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lysine Believer

I never would have thought it.
You see, I'm not a medicine taker. My husband practically has to force feed me a vitamin everyday, and I literally need to be near death to take a tylenol. (Except when I had my kidney stone....then I was taking so much medication to ease the pain that I told my hubs, "Just Shoot Me".) So, naturally, when I heard that the Lysine supplement helps ulcers....I was skeptical. Ever since January, I've been plagued with at least two ulcers in my mouth at a time. Usually up to four. The last time I had so many was six years ago when I had a new job, a new baby, and my mother losing her battle with cancer. So, I blamed all the ulcers on stress.

This time, I really wasn't too stressed. Sure I had a baby, sure we were moving into a house, I was just coming out of being a "single mom" (coaching season). Okay. Maybe I was stressed. Anyhoo, a few weeks ago, in dire pain and desperately wanting to eat a meal with ease again, I decided to listen to the ol' pharmacy and take the Lysine supplement. I wasn't expecting much.

What I got was nothing short of a miracle. Within two days, all ulcers cleared up and well, after taking them daily now for about 3 weeks, I really haven't had one since.

WOW! I'm a believer. Lysine, you are my sunshine! Happy eating to me!

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