Thursday, May 27, 2010

My P90 Progress....

PULL UPS are the death of me.

Well, hubs and I were going strong until about a week ago. We were entering week 7 and it hit. The end of the year business. School/TAKS/go here, go there....we're now having to repeat week 7. 5am workouts were just not happening last week.

I do have a few summative comments
now that I'm officially a P90X'er.

I have not yet, nor do I think I'll ever be able to, do an official pull-up. My hubs sweetly installed two chin-up bars in our garage, and my "assisted" pull-ups are sad. Sad.
2) I have not yet, nor do I think I'll ever be able to, do a one handed push-up. I try, but I fall down.
3) P90 has inadvertently helped my running game quite a bit. About three weeks ago, I went for a run. After about 2 miles of non-stop running, I realized my legs were not tired, my heart was not about to explode, nor was I breathing too hard. I was in shape. Thanks to PLYO!
4) I love, love, love working out with free weights and body weight.
5) The P90X man in the video is just funny/annoying enough to keep us interested.
7) I do realize to get the maximum results, I probably need to be on the nutrition plan. But doggonit......Blue Bell Ice Cream is just too tempting to pass up.
And finally.....
6) My legs are toned again. My rear end is perking back up. And my arms are a little toner. It's not a noticeable difference to anyone else but me right now, but it IS a difference.

I think we're about to change up the routine a little bit for summertime, but it will still be P90 intense. I hope this helps anyone who might be ready to tackle the challenge!

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