Monday, May 10, 2010


There is a song by Elvis Costello by the name of "She". Boog practically stomped his feet to have it as our first dance song at our wedding. I, of course, denied it and we danced to some song by Keith Urban that has absolutely no relevance to our marital life whatsoever. It was just the first song we ever danced to at a Country & Western bar. (Go figure!)Anyway, at the time, I denied it because of these few lines below. Elvis is singing about his beloved and he says,
"She...may be the famine or the feast. May be the beauty or the beast. May turn each day into a heaven or a hell."

Yeah. Exactly what you want sung on the day you get married. Now, to Boog's credit, the song does end with some relevance. Elvis goes on to say at the end, "Where She goes I've got to be, the meaning of my life is she." Better. (But I didn't want to wait until the end to hear the sweet stuff.)

Anyhoo, the meaning of this post is that "She" might not have had relevance in our wedding, but "She" has uber-relevance now.

It is meant for our little Sophie monster. Who just the other day, scolded my mother-n-law by "yelling" at her, then promptly grabbing my MIL's shirt and blowing her nose in it. What a baby!
"She" can make me frustrated to the point of no return, yet a few seconds later, I'm dying with laughter at her. "She" can fuss and whine right at the appropriate time (like when I sit down to eat), yet two seconds later, I'm reveling in the hug she gave.

"She" is Sophie Monster.
She is our ray of sunshine....behind some dark, thundering clouds.


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