Saturday, May 14, 2011

Franc's Morning Junk

Sometimes when I'm junkin', I feel like "Franc" from the The Father of the Bride. He walks up for the first time to that gorgeous two-story, white house and says, "Ohhh.....I love the house, love the shutters, love the yard .......we'll change it all."

This morning, I got up early to hit some yard sales. The yard sales were a bust, but there were a few sales going on at some flea markets. I scored this metal cabinet and of course, "I'll change it all". I scored a chair and a medicine cabinet and of course, "I'll change it all".
Just call me "Franc".

I won't change the color on this! Love, love....
Nor this....

But yes, this....

" got some paintin' to do!"

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