Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picky, Picky

You know that cat in "Ramona & Beezus"? Pickypicky? That's me. I cannot stand clutter. Pretty clutter in my booth? Yes. Clutter in my home? No. See my above kitchen photo. It's been over 6 months since we remodeled....and you see - no curtains. No cool vintage-y countertop display thingamajig. I'm picky. It might take me a year to find that vintageycoolcountetropdisplaythingamajig.
But when I see it, I'll know.

So my sister-in-law dropped off one of her paintings to go in my booth. Well, it was supposed to go in my "puppy-dog closed" itself into my home. Somehow found a way on my wall (I have no idea how!). And filled one of my "trying to find the right thing" spots on my's been blank for a while.

I love it. Thank you, Molly from The Lead Cup. (Now I just gotta pay you! ; )


Vintage Restyled said...

I owe you a response on the spray gun I have. It is gravity fed and I got it from an industrial store, since my hubby needed it for work too. I then picked up the air compressor with all the gadgets from Home Depot. That was around $350. Worth every penny!

Kathryn said...

LOVE the painting and all the great pieces you have been making. I can't wait to stop by your space the next time we are in Athens!

Mavis & Harriet said...

LOL, we named one of our cats "Picky Picky" because of Ramona, actually it was "Picky Picky Angelina Queeny" all for one cat}! love those stories!!! I am so not into clutter either, it makes life a little stressful around here when I bring home the "mother lode" and have no where to store all the treasures until they are sold!! Oh well, we are kinda getting used to having 2 extra chairs in the living room, 3 extra lamps on the buffet.....

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