Monday, May 30, 2011


I took a much needed hiatus from blogging & painting & junkin' for the past couple days. Took it slow.....and this weekend a beloved pillar in our church passed it became very easy to take these days and count their blessings......I didn't have enough fingers.

I thought about my handsome husband. How just after two years of teaching, he was bestowed one of the biggest honors in award from a student as the teacher who made the biggest impact on him. Wow. Hearing that student speak nuances about my husband that I had only hoped kids would was such a blessing to everyone.

I thought about my girls. How at 2 and 7, they truly are the greatest joys of my life. Sophie....a firecracker. Speaking new bits of language each day that I never knew she knew (she actually said, "question mark" the other day....I had no idea she knew that word!). However, deep inside Sophie, she's proving to be more cautious than we thought......a little bit of a momma's girl.

Grace. A second grader in 4 days. She's reading chapter books like a champ....I'm searching to find books that she doesn't finish in one day....she's had a great year with lots of field trips.....nominated to be in GT.....and even though we're learning how to be an older sister without being "old"......she's doing a great job. They really are sweet to one another (most of the time!)

Life is full of the unexpected. I think I scared my hubs a little tonight with my strange thoughts about being gone for 12+ days to Uganda. I'm getting a little nervous myself. I just have to remind myself that God has already mapped it out. I am just following His lead. We all are.....

Hiatus was good.
God Bless.


Keri said...

Sorry I missed you guys driving by earlier. I was trying to figure out the upside down spray can and didn't realize it you until you had passed. A little sooner and the girls could have played in the kiddie pool full of neighbor kids.

Vintage Restyled said...

It's always good to stop and reflect. I need to do that, thanks for sharing your blessings!

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