Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Multi mid-projects

We're in the middle of a bathroom renovation....and this picture is just icky....icky, yucky.


Much Better. Still med-reno though.

This was a Craigslist purchased table that we chopped it in half. The other two legs were used to hold up our newly renovated kitchen bartop (not a bad deal, eh!). In here, we'll drop a sink in and line the edges with some fantabulous fabric I've yet to find. Our handy carpenter put up beadboard backing and the floor to ceiling shelf.

Another mid-(almost done)project is the vanity stool and mirror for a client, er, friend. I'm so ready to show the "after" photo of this whole vanity set......

.....there's a possibility she might like one of these fabric choices of mine to recover the seat.

Lots to do. The hiatus served me well, but it's nice to be back in the brushstrokes again. ; )
Still having fun.


Laurie said...

She definitely likes the next to the last one on the bottom that we can see better! HEHE!! (We were on the phone earlier)

The bathroom looks great so far!!

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