Friday, June 3, 2011


I was thrilled when I walked into Winnie & Tulula's today and found that my Paris Grey bedroom set had sold! And to add to that special moment, it was purchased to be a prop for the Kilgore Community College Theatre Department. How cool! (I thought it was cool...)

But alas, with every big chunk sold, that leaves a big chunk of space to be filled. What did I have in the pipe?......the chippy door I purchased when I went junkin' at a wedding (that sounds like a country song..."junkin' at a weddin'.

"Oh, hubs! Could you quick finish that for me?"

Here's a few pics. He did a great job building a table out of a gigantic, vintage, chippy door.

I can't wait to display it up tomorrow.....

and an update on the remodel. Sink. Sunk. - Yea.


Keri said...

Yea, bathroom progress! Mine is pretty much done except for a few little things here and there. Hopefully I can post pics soon. Oh,and nice table!

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