Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winnie & Tulula's

I thought I'd take you on a quick tour of the eclecticly scrumptious Winnie & Tulula's Antique Mall that houses your truly. : ) I've often wandered through this store (before Flo got Goin') and let the muses many creative talents and eye candy.

Now that I'm a part of it, I'm challenged to push my creative limits. See something in what was nothing. Find beauty in that old rickety shelf....I'm thankful to be here because honestly? I feel that that part of me....the creative filled. To the brim & overflowing.....

So here's a little tour of the mall that houses so many inspirational dealers. Enjoy!

Front Look

My Booth, of course!

Other Booths in the Mall

You see what I'm talking about? So many creative people.....I love being inspired. And the best part, on the other half of the mall, there's a bistro & coffee shop with the best tomato basil soup this side of Dallas! La Madeline's eat your heart out!

Coming up - W & T's "Junk & Disorderly" sale! Sat. June 18th. Don't miss it!

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