Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let Summer Begin!

Nothing says summer like pulling out the ol' slip'n'slide. We've officially finished our school year and the entire Ferrell family has at least two months of pure togetherness. Last year, it took us six weeks just to adjust to all that togetherness. Let's hope we're a little quicker this time. ; )

One of my favorite things is watching my girls play......and seeing Sophie in her little tutu swimsuit. Ohhh my.

I'm interested to see how this summer will go with me still having a job - sort of. A hobby job. Call it a hob, maybe? Usually I'm pretty carefree in the summers. However, now I still have to be semi-onmytoes because of my booth. The need to keep painting & searching yard sales will be prevalent......good thing I enjoy it.

And on a last note before I head to bed, I have been eyeing this one little piece of artistry (okay, it's a vintage street sign) at Winnie & Tulula's ever since I moved in. I fell in love with was offered by a fellow boother Ruff. This sweet just had to be mine. Thanks, Margo!


Margo said...

Looks great in your house. Glad I could pass it on to you:)

Margo aka Robolady

Susan S. said...

Love the vanity re-do! I STILL haven't done a project with Chalk Paint and it's just Calling My Name!

I wish I had a HOB instead of a Job! LOL! That sounds way more interesting to me. :)

Heather said...

Happy Summer Ferrell S's tutu suit!! I want to contribute to your mission trip, what is the best way?

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