Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Buffet & Antibes Green Love!

Buffet Before - Needed Updating

So my sister, ever since this hobby-job of mine started, has been begging to purchase each piece I finish. It's become a bit hilarious, because I won't sell her a thing. Every piece I finish has been "needed" to fill my booth - so really - family members are on the bottom rung! ; ) Finally, for her 36th, er 29th, birthday, I'm offering up this buffet redo for my sweet, sweet older sister.

Ang, if you want this - it's yours.

Buffet After -

Antibes Green Chalk Paint, Clear Wax, Distress & then Dark Wax finish

Chicken Wire How I love Thee!

Ang, I hope you love it - if not it's for sale, ya'll!


Brandy said...

I feel like we might've been at A&M around the same time because you look so familiar...regardless, I hope to get to meet you on Saturday at the J&D party! My mom, 2 sisters and I are coming from Jacksonville to Athens and I can't wait to see your booth!!! I love the antibes green! I just got my can on Tuesday and I can't wait to use it! Good luck getting ready for Saturday, I know your booth is gonna be amazing!
Take care, Brandy

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

How nice! That's a great birthday gift my birthday is next month I will gladly accept one of your pieces. The buffet looks great!!

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

Wow, that is really just fabulous!

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Wow it looks fantastic love the colour

Jamie said...

I have been dying to try Antibes green. Now I have to. I love this! Can I ask if you had much paint leftover? I am not sure how much to buy and my piece is a larger hutch.

Jessica said...

Wow! That really looks GREAT! I wish I had the patience to work on projects like this, but I'd much rather leave it to the experts like you. Great work!!

Ashley said...

LOVE This, so awsesome! =)))

Margo said...

That turned out absolutely fabulous, you are truly talented with that paint brush. Now I have a piece I'd love for you to do some magic with. I'll be sending you some pics soon. You do, do commission work, don't you?

Margo aka Robolady


Melinda said...

I love your work. Did your sister like the birthday buffet? If not, I'm very interested. Thanks!

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