Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Product

I'm excited to try out a new product a fellow boother at Winnie & Tulula's told me about....it's a wax to protect & seal furniture - Farmhouse Furniture Wax. It... smells... amazing!! Anyone in this "hob" knows that the normal smells of our work are the opposite of amazing....unless you love the smell of paint, dust, oils and thinners. (that's a no.)

Donna from Simply Cottage is the owner of one of my favorite booths at W&T's. Her work is beautiful and I always love to hear tips & bits of wisdom from other refurbishers. I do enjoy working with Hennant's Wax, but it doesn't smell like this......my nose can use the refreshment!

The only problem is it comes in this tiny jar! I need it by the jug-ful!

Now.....let's see which piece I want to start on. This is ridiculous - I know!


L.Duncan said...

Oh goodness!!! Can I have some of those pieces?!!!

Laurie said...

WOW! YOu weren't kidding about the garage!! AHHAHAHA!!!! You go girl!

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