Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waco, Wyoming & Winnie's

I'm in Waco this weekend with my sista.....who loves her green buffet, btw (yea! Success!).....My hubs is in Wyoming preparing to do a 50 mile race through the mountains this weekend (yes, no typo, 50....fifty...miles - he's nuts)........and basically? No paint brush or wax has touched these hands in the last 48 hours. My daughter's sweet smiles and funny sayings? Yes. That's way better than paint!

However, I must promote the big 'ol sale going on at Winnie & Tulula's this weekend. Vendors will be outside hugely discounting their junk (me included - I'm planning on unloading some of the furniture in my garage that I don't have time to get to!).....and ALL booths will have their fluffy stuffs discounted 20%!! Yes, even my booth! 20% off of furniture is a deal!

So get to it, fellow junk enthusiasts! At least stop by for some coffee!

: )


Elizabeth Ann said...

Just wanted you to know I've enjoyed looking around your blog. I also love Winnie's and Tululah's. I was there the first weekend it opened and fell in love. I hope to get back there this summer or fall.

Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Ann

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