Monday, May 9, 2011

Workspace Agenda

So my sweet hubs decided to organize my...our....workspace the other night (at midnight). Clutter had taken over, and I just couldn't imagine tackling another project with me winding through a maze just to get the sandpaper. It looks tons better. Thank you, babe.

But I think he had another agenda. I'm pretty sure he's psyched about turning this vintage door into a farmhouse masterpiece......what'dya think? I'm right, right? He's not a bad carpenter....he's already made our kitchen countertops AND our dining room table. I'm glad I married him!

And I'm pretty sure my littlest loves the fact that daddy's workin' in the shop, so that she can do this......and get away with it. I'm right, right?

I'm right.

Up next? Now that my booth space at Winnie & Tulula's is "fluffed", I can focus on some client projects....a vanity for a teenage girl and a dresser set for a little tot. I'm excited to start both!


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