Saturday, March 20, 2010

14 Months Today

Look at those eyes!
I remember when I was wondering whether or not God would bless us with another baby. Looking back, all the worries seem so futile...God knew what He was doing. Now you're here and've brought us so much laughter and joy that I couldn't possibly imagine life without you.

You keep us "yell" at us whenever we try to put you in the carseat, you love to point your finger and say 'no,no', you still are a picky eater, you love to sleep, you can say the words daddy, momma, dog, woof, ba-ba, and just recently tried to say 'diaper' (yes, you did!), you could stay outside all day, you love to read books and use our fingers to point at things, you adore your big sister, and most importantly, you give the best, best, best hugs ever. I just love those hugs!

14 months has flown by. I'm not sure if you're our last child, but I definitely am trying to savor all these precious, fleeting baby moments.

We love you Sophie girl!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Flo, that baby is so precious and beautiful! but both of your girls are beautiful. I'm thinking they look like their mother,(sorry boog!!). yes they are fearfully and wonderfully made)! It is such a pleasure to watch these babies grow.It really makes me want another grand! maybe someday!!! KM

The Garners said...

She's beautiful!! I'd love to meet her!

BeechemBrightSpots said...

How cute! What do you mean you're not sure if she's your last? I thought you said this was it! :)

Jenna said...

Your girls are just so cute! I love both of them and can't wait to see what Sophie will be like in Children's choir someday!:) Looks like ya'll had a fun spring break...Nathan and I need a little more "granola" in our lives! I love Sophie's room...I am going to pop by someday for a real look at your newest "adopted" home!:)

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