Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Channeling Pioneer Woman

(Hello? PW? You out there? If so, you might want to send me a thank you note. I'm about to give some raving reviews of your recipes....ok. No thank you note needed. Maybe a weekend stay at your ranch full of delicious, ranch cooked meals? That would be niiiicccce!)

A while back, I blogged that I would cook one "Pioneer Woman" recipe a week, if just to spice up my kitchen life a little bit. My culinary skills were beginning to dull. It's been a a few weeks, so I thought I'd update you on some hits and very few misses and (ta dah!) one recipe of my own! PW must be pretty inspiring, I guess!

PW's Meatloaf. I'll say just one thing.
In the words of my hubs:
"Best Meatloaf Ever" Period

Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich
I didn't get my own picture (they were gone too quick). After a few touches of our own (adding some mayo and Swiss Cheese), it was excellent.
PW's Chicken Spaghetti. Probably my least favorite. (Steph, your mom's recipe takes half the time, and tastes pretty much the same. I'll stick to that one!)

Flo's Own Creation. I don't have a name. Cornbread Sandwich Ghoulash? I have no idea. It's good though. You don't even have to make a side with it.
A little homemade of beef....can of tomatoes....sauteed onions..Italian spices....Cheese....
pretty darn good!

I think I'll try one of her desserts next. Thanks PW!


Jenna said...

I was just thinking earlier tonight that I wanted to ask you about the looks so yummy on her blog. I think we will try that in the Lorick house soon! You are so creative...I never think of my own recipes!:) Thanks for the update and keep 'em coming. I need some new kitchen inspiration! Does her cookbook have lots of pictures like her blog?

Stephanie said...

Now I'm hungry!!!! : )

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