Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who's Afraid of Craigslist? Not me!

The New Purchase
So we did it. After hearing about the many craigslist sales and purchases my hairdresser/friend had made, I decided to venture on it myself to see if I could find a deal. We'd been wanting a couch to put in our living room, but on our teacher budgets, paying Haverty furniture store prices just wasn't appealing. So I looked.....and looked....and scrolled...and scrolled....and clicked on about a million links to really bad couches until low and behold this one popped up just a short 10 minute drive from our house! A Broyhill beauty for cheap. One phone call later, one trip made by my husband and his bodyguard (his mom), and voila! A couch. For half of what we would have spent.
Probably more than half.

My own synopsis of Craigslist? Three short words.
Addictive. Scary. Convenient.


Welcome to Lolliworld said...

Great looking sofa! I might have to hit up Craig's List myself!

The Allens said...

I used to use Craigslist a lot when we were in Fort Worth. When we moved to Tyler I didn't find as much on it and got frustrated, but I have bought and sold on Craigslist and have had good exper

Keri said...

Yeah! You got it! It looks really nice. Did you go with them to see it up close? I look on there pretty much every other day. Addicted I guess.

JMass said...

Great couch! We will have to venture on over there....well...after our sprinklers and grass go in!

His Doorkeeper said...

I bought some great parson's chairs for nearly half price (brand new) on C's List a couple of months ago after looking for weeks at all kinds of furniture. The owner and I emailed each other several times.

I was somewhat scared but ended up having a very good experience! Of course, I imagine it would be different if you lived in a HUGE city. I would take someone with me at all cost!

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