Monday, March 22, 2010

Pan"fried"cakes on a Snowy Morning

Can you see the snow from our porch?

This past Sunday the Lord showed us His humorous side by sending snow - after a week of glorious sunshine. Snow! Again! In Texas! I'll be didn't stick, but it sure made for interesting conversation. So after laying in bed with Grace and gazing out the window, I decided to test Pioneer Woman's pancakes. Or should I say pan"fried"cakes.
Yes, that IS butter those suckers are frying in.

Now, I have my mother-in-law's verrrrryyy good pancake recipe, so I wasn't looking for something better. And in these? I didn't find better, I just found different. It called for only 7 T of flour. And a carton of sour cream. They were good....different, but good. Boog said (and I quote) "he'd like these with fruit on them, and his mother's version if it's not going to have fruit".

Men. So picky.

Overall....not a bad panfriedcake on a snowy morning. Makes me think of my favorite wintery story, Jack London's "To Build a Fire"......except I'm not about to die, and hopefully my matches would work, and I wouldn't kill my dog....okay, it doesn't remind me of that story at all.

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