Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lonestar Lawncare

Funny story. (Steph, you'll remember this one) In college, Boog had many different jobs. The ones I remember were working at a golf course, a horse barn, a winery, a feed store, and many, many more that I don't remember. There was a time though, when he decided to venture out and start his own lawncare company. He had just finished a job installing a sprinkler system for one of his Professors, so naturally, why not make a part-time job out of it?

Enter Lonestar Lawncare.

Well, word got out, and while looking for his first client, my roommate's dad asked if Boog would work on his lawn. Boog took a quick look at his wooded lot, and said, "Nah....too many trees".

Exit Lonestar Lawncare.

Thankfully, Boog didn't found his education on lawn maintanence. But he did learn a few tips that have come in handy at our homes of past and present. So today, he spent the day putting in beds/mulch on our own lawn.

Laying the Outline

Hard Workin' Man ( while I watched and brought him Gatorade!)

Almost we need to plant things. That's another day!


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Flo, haven't seen those precious girls in a while. Hope you all have a great fun and safe summer!:), Yard looking good!

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