Monday, June 14, 2010


Nothing says summertime like going "wimmin" in Mimi and Papaw's pool. At least two or three, possibly four, times a week, we'll load up the car and head to "Wonderland" as Grace sometimes calls it. Why wouldn't she? It's non-stop swimming, or tractoring, or golf carting, or animal watching or chocolate chip cookie makin' wonderful! If fact, there's not alot of this going on .....

.......crying. Sophie's only crying to get back into the water!
Water Beauty!

Sophie Loves It!

Certified Peewee Pool Cleaner

Action Shot!

I've officially been summering for one week now, and all my mouth ulcers from the school year are vaminos! (Yeah....who'd of thought school could be so stressful?) Boog's taking to his summer vacation pretty nicely, as well, although I will say it's been a little adjustment having to, I mean getting to, see each other this much. I dare say we might need a little separation just to keep the "spark" going in our marriage! But it's great and we're heading down to Guadalupe State Park next week for a little river action.

Happy summering to you!


Brandi Hanes said...

I love "wimmin" too!! Happy summering to ALL school teachers!! I hope you enjoy yours!

Welcome to Lolliworld said...

So missing you guys...we need to get together!

Love those "wimmin" girls!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Flo, there those cuties are! Toooo! cute in their "wimmin" attire! Hope you all have a safe and fun trip!:).

Stephanie said...

Cute pics girl!!! Glad you guys are enjoying your summer vacay! : )

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