Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Sure Sign of Greatness

At Sophie's last 15 month check-up, I asked about whether I should be practicing her spoon and fork skills yet. "Oh no, not really. That's a 18 month skill," her doctor replied.

Weelllll, let's just say, at 17 months, my daughter has shown her greatness. She's a master with the spoon. It probably doesn't help that we started off with mashed potatoes (loaded with butter and sour cream) and ended with a dessert of chocolate pudding. I'm guessing if I gave her a spaghetti noodle to eat with, she probably would have figured out a way to make it work for her. Anyway, shall I say onto potty training??

Diggin' In


Puddin' Mouth


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!! Love, Mimi

Stephanie said...

LOL! So is it true what they say about you are much more easy going with the 2nd. : )

Miss you guys...hope we can get together for a football this fall!!

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