Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I Love About 6

Grace, riding her bike "gracefully" through our neighborhood!

I do love the age 6.
When Grace was born, I kept on saying...."No, this is my favorite month"....then a few months later when she was doing new things I would say, "No, this is my favorite stage" and so on.

I skipped age 3. That was not my favorite.
Too many spanking opportunities.
But 4 was great. 5 was superb. But six! It's even better. She can read (but not well enough for me to quit s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g out things I don't want her to hear). She can shower by herself (now getting her in the shower is another story.) She helps so much with Sophie. Nearly every diaper change, she follows me with a bag to put the stinky that! She still is young enough to want to hold my hand in public, but old enough to follow simple rules of safety. She can get a drink or snack on her own which is a huge help when I'm in the midst of Sophie's whatever at the moment. She makes her bed most mornings (with my prompting, of course, its a skill we're working on!). Anyway, there's so much to love at six.....I just am thankful that God gave us these past six years to enjoy. Love you Gracie girl!


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