Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Friends One Day

In order: Me, Sophie Monster, Cousin Landrie, Grace, Cousin Emerie (whew!)

When I say Whew! I mean Whew! We've been surrounded by little girls this past week. The city girls came to visit their country cousins. I love it. My sister and I, being the polar opposites that we already are, have very....ahem....different parenting styles. Hers a little looser and plusher....ours a little more strict and minimal. Neither being better than the other, just different. So it always takes a little adjustment when Grace goes there, or they come here.

But the girls handle it in style...or at least give "I can't believe this" looks....and the show goes on. They play, and pretend, and sing, and dance, and always a tent making process is involved. Rooms are turned into disaster areas and the song "Clean up, Clean up" is hummed just a few times by Sophie.

I'm glad Grace and Sophie have girl cousins so close in age. And my sister, with our parenting style difference and all, I'm so glad to have her as my BFF and I just know these girls will be that in the future! At least I hope so......


The Ranter said...

Fun meeting between cousins. I remember those!

The Garners said...

Such a cute group!

Eastlyn and co. said...

I know exactly what you mean about parenting styles. I'm pretty sure my ideas are a lot closer to yours. Nonetheless, I think your girls and their cousins are very fortunate to have the country mouse, city mouse experiences to share. Your poor husband was really outnumbered, huh?

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