Saturday, August 7, 2010

Remodel Ready!

When we bought this house, we knew it was going to need a major facelift on the outside and total body overhaul on the inside. But we weren't skeered. After the Shack, we figured...we could do anything! That's part of what Boog and I really enjoy doing. Making something old shine again!

So we're about to start on our kitchen. This house was built in the 70's and really hasn't been changed much since then. Notice the fruit border? Lovely. I already ripped some of the upper cabinet doors off, just because I couldn't stand all the wood.

But it's got some nice space to work with.
First, see below. We plan on ripping out this middle wall, opening the kitchen to the living room. I think that will make a major difference. (Living room overhaul to come later! A coat of paint and new flooring should hopefully do the trick!)

I've been searching for inspiration ideas, and I think this one below fits the bill. I want the planks for shelves with the beadboard backing. Simple cabinets. Loving these light fixtures!!

This one is nice, too! I LOVE the shelves...thinking about doing that in our living/dining area!

And I couldn't resist this! I told Boog last night his ultimate "I love you" would be to build me a farm table using reclaimed wood. I love you, too, honey!

So I'm excited to start. Back to school provides a great way for us to be out of the house while the tearin' down is going on. I'll definitely have pictures for the bloggo!


The Garners said...

Oh I can't wait to see your work--I KNOW it will look amazing! I love the idea pictures you shared--very nice!!

Eastlyn and co. said...

Hi, just popping in for a visit. My daughter actually found your blog and encouraged me to follow. I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out. We, too live in a 1970's house with LOTS of wood everywhere (including built in wooden bookshelves and floor to ceiling paneling in the family room-bookshelves aren't so bad, but the paneling just kills me). My husband is obviously part bat and loves the "darkness." I on the other hand prefer light. Will be back to see more of your transformation. I like your ideas already. You make it sound so simple. Maybe I'll be inspired to make some changes. -Eastlyn

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