Friday, September 24, 2010

Boots. Bideo. Hubber.

20 Months and Counting

Boots. Bideo (video). Hubber (color).
Those are the three words Sophie says most often after school. She sometimes pairs them with,
"momma...hubber" - meaning, "mom color with me"
"baby bideo" - meaning, "I want to to watch the video with the babies" and
"boots" - meaning, "I want my boots on".

Sophie's kissable, huggable, lovable and is showing small signs of being like me. She likes to keep things in order......for instance, when she gets out of the bathtub, she'll take extra pains to put the cloth back where it goes, the soap in the corner, etc. Playing "night, night" with her babies, momma, daddy, or sissy is one of her favorites....she'll force you to lay down, cover you with a blanket, then slap your back so hard you'd swear you've been put to bed by the "no wire hangers" momma. She loves to "eat, eat" but is super picky still (very not like me!) And, most importantly, she's feisty, yet will still pucker up for kisses and hugs at her whim.

You gotta love her. She's just too much.


Eastlyn and co. said...

So funny how kiddoes know what they want and how to get it at such an early age. She is too cute in her boots! Her rosy cheeks match the floral design on her dress, too. You're a great mom for documenting these little things about your baby. My daughter asks me questions like, "what was my first word?" or "how many teeth did I have when I was one?" and I have to admit I don't even remember. That's sad

Nana's Nuggets said...

Just adorable! that baby is so beautiful! I love those boots, I'm getting my granddaughters a pair for Christmas. They have such cute ones at Target! Have awonderful week! "Fall" Blessings to you and your family:).

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