Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Round Top Ready!

I'm already excited about my 3rd Annual Highschool Girls Weekend coming up in a few weekends. Yes....I'm super ready to dish with all the girlfriends sans the hubs or kiddos. Yes....I'm super ready to just be "flo" and not "momma flo" or "wifey flo" or "teacher flo" for a weekend.

But YES I'm so ready for our trip to Roundtop Antiques Fair in Roundtop Texas!! It's been years since I've been and I've sorely missed it. If you've never heard of it, think "First Monday" but bigger....not so crafty....loads more furniture & decorative items that aren't "cutesy"......antiques and special pieces galore! (But it only happens twice a year.)

Photos from booths like such make me drool. Literally. I'm drooling right now.

Oh my heavens and stars.....look at the patina on this cupboard.

One of these for my bathroom one day please!!!

I could do a million things with that blue sideboard.

Ladies. I can't wait to see you. And I can't wait to steal a few beauties from Roundtop!


The Settlemeyers said...

I'm going to Round Top with my HS girlfriends as well!!! I'm sure we'll run into you at some point. I'm so excited!

Eastlyn and co. said...

I'm not a shopper, and Lord knows I wouldn't know a real antique from an ant farm, but kid-free, husband-free time with your high school buddies sounds priceless!

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