Thursday, September 9, 2010

Since God Knows My Mind...

I wonder what He thinks about my very non-eternal thoughts? I re-watched some of the movie "Amazing Grace" (really great rental btw) a few weeks ago and loved how William Wilberforce "delighted himself" in God's creation. He sat amongst the dew and butterflies and well....was giddy to no end. His thoughts were only on God's beauty and the wonder of it all. (If I ever did that, I'm absolutely sure one of my children would think mommy had drunk a few too many capri suns.) begs the question. Since God does know my thoughts, I wonder how He likes 'em. Because most of the time I'm thinking one of these things......

1) Can I survive the day with my students?......

2) What's left in our Dave Ramsey budget for the month?...... (I'm always keeping on top of our finances due to the fact that we've worked so long and hard to become Dave Ramsey Debt's pretty much just a habit now to keep track.)

3) How can I decorate my bedroom (or house or whatever) without spending a fortune? Yes, very important stuff........

4) Did I do everything I "need" to do? .........between packing lunches, football schedules, keeping up with Sophie, and signing Grace's charts everyday....oh my.

5) Is my car clean?........I haven't had nice car in a long time, so I'm trying a lot harder.

6) What is my house out of that I need at the grocery store?.......HUGE part of my thoughts.

7) Why am I not working harder to stay in shape?........

I'm not kidding. 98% of the day this is what's on my mind. (OH...add one more. 8)What's for dinner?...)

The other 2% is thankful for every breath I take, my health, and my family's health and happiness. But who has time to really stop and take it all in? Every now and then I do, but not nearly as much as I should.

So, Lord, my prayer is please forgive me for the lack of attention I pay You. I know I'm human. But I should still delight myself in Your ways and wonder and blessing and overall GRACE and MERCY! Sheesh, Flo. It's the least I can do.


Eastlyn and co. said...

I would venture to say your "2 per cent" is sufficient. Remember the Bible story of the lady who put her 3 copper coins in the collection plate? It was more valuable to God than the larger sums offered by the ostentacious Pharisees because she gave generously from what little she had vs. giving a little out of her excess. All of those things that you named that occupy your mind: minding your finances (being financially responsible); the well-being of yourself and your family. I think that they, too, please God. Sure, we could probably all devote more time to reading and reflecting on the Bible and praying more consistently. I agree with you, but I think God hears what's in our hearts, too, even if what's in our heads concerns the here and now. Peace, E

The Garners said...

Such a great post, Flo! And what a neat comment above from "E". Your list made me think of the Proverbs 31 woman--I think you are a shining example!

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