Monday, September 27, 2010

I Get It!

I've been a teacher now for what....six years? And even though I see "the public school teaching system" at its finest - and at its worst - it wasn't until I lived it through my daughter that I can honestly say "I Get It!"

Our public school is all about layering. Teach a layer in kinder.....refresh in 1st and teach a new layer......refresh in 2nd....teach a new layer....refresh and new get the picture. I've always seen that part in the grade I teach, but to see it being done to my own child? I'm amazed.

I'm simply amazed that the sight words of kindergarten are now becoming full fledge books (see above!) It's neat to see your child start just know it's about to open up a whole new world for them! Growing up, I was a huge Archie Comics book reader (judge me if you may) which then led to the Babysitter's Club series which led to Sweet Valley High (oh...and don't forget the classic "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret".....wasn't that a tween book if you ever saw one!) which led to the classic novels like To Kill a Mockingbird. So I'm superpsyched that Grace will maybe be reading the little Junie B. Jones chapter books by the end of the year. I'm already eyeing the Ramona Quimby series...... : )

Layering. Public school. Reading. No Child Left Behind. TAKS. Star. What have you. Either way, I know our public school isn't perfect, but I know it's doing a job many wouldn't do on their own. And a job that would be ten trillion times easier if the world were a less broken place.

So kudos to teachers all 'round. I need to get better at letting Grace's teacher know how good a job she's doing.....


Juli said...

It's so fun, isn't it? Madge is loving Junie B. We never even knew about them until her teacher read one aloud. Of course, we had to stop that day on the way home and buy one. She's also liking Amber Brown, Jigsaw Jones, Magic Tree House books, and just picked a Judy Moody book yesterday, which is a little beyond her level, but she's trying to muddle through, bless her heart, LOL!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Flo; what a sweet story! and yes just since Brandi has been teaching, I have such an appreciation for teachers! so I will just tell you!! Flo; you are an awesome Teacher! Person, and most of all you the Cutest "Sister" in Christ! Have a great year!:)

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