Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost 2.

I almost can't believe it. Two. It's flown. Sophie is at an age where she can do no wrong. Well, I know she does wrong. But she's just so darn cute when she does it, that it's hard to get mad at her. ; )

Some things I hope I remember about "almost 2":
* You don't understand questions. If we ask, "What's your name?" Your answer? "Name" or "How old are you?" Your answer: "You". It's adorable.
* Turkey, Cheese, and fruit. That's about all you eat. That's it.
* You've learned how to communicate. You can say "Mmm hmmm" for yes or nod your head. It's great. I can finally understand what you want now. Hallalujah!
*I love your "head downs". That means you want your head on my shoulder....sweetness personified.

We love you!

Sophie loves to put on other people's stuff....
Flyin' High with "Shock" as she calls it

Lovin' her some Sissy!


Keri said...

Give her a big hug and kisses for me. So glad we got to spend some fun time together with your family.

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