Monday, January 17, 2011

Not My Story To Tell....

...but since my father-in-law doesn't have a blog to share it, I'm certain he won't mind me hijacking his story. It paints a perfect picture of how God IS into the small things. We often....okay, I often....cast Him aside until I "really" need Him. Something is wrong. Someone's sick. I need direction, and so on.

But it's clear....and gettting clearer everyday....that God masterminds the tiniest details. The smallest note. He gives us glimpses of His perfect sonnet with stories such as this:

My husband hadn't been hunting with his dad in several years. It was a tradition of theirs to travel together down to Sonora, where I've heard, the stars are so luminous at night you can't even fathom you're still in Texas. Their trips began when he was eight, and the trips down were as memorable as the actual hunt. In Sonora, Boog's dad had over time found a collection of arrowheads....big, small, perfect, much so, that they now fill about four large drawers in their house. They're beautiful. But Boog had never found one. Not one in all their hunting years. And my husband is a spotter. He sees everything.

Finally in Sonora together after a few missed years, they were each in a different location on this five thousand acre ranch. My father-in-law said he was by himself, and prayed to God that his son would find an arrowhead that day. That alone floors me. Simple prayers.

That same day (and they figured afterward around the same time) Boog stepped out of his stand, looked down, and right in front of him perched on top of a clear he couldn't believe he had missed it climbing into the stand....was a beautiful, perfect arrowhead. His first in over two decades of hunting down there.

I have no doubt that God enjoyed hearing the simple, sweet prayer of one of his own. Like I enjoy hearing Grace's innocent prayers. And He graciously bestowed a little as it may have seemed. In my mind, I picture God making it all happen with a smile, too. Delighted to give simple joy.

I love this story. I'll always remember it.....


Jenna said...

simple and sweet...I like that story too! He is in the details! Hope you have a great week!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Flo, what a sweet story! i just did a post on faith, and this brought to mind that even the tinyest details of our lives he cares about! this helped my Faith this morning to remember that He cares about our Joy and excitement! You did a great job telling the story!!

BeechemBrightSpots said...

I love how God answers our prayers & I love the way you tell stories...such a gift!

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