Tuesday, January 25, 2011

kid riting

i luv kid riting. its so kewt. Grace luvs to rit lists for me win i go grosere shoping. She wil rite thangs lik alppol joos, sireol, and cuchup. Defunetly a mommy in traning.

Grace & friends doing "Big Girl" homework.
Sophie...not so much.


Keri said...

This made me smile. :D
So glad I read this first thing this morning. One of those momentos to cherish. She will look back on this and smile too.

The Garners said...

Love it!

The Keltons said...

Precious! Duncan has just, since Christmas, started writing a lot. The other day he came in the office where I was and told me Lucy would not quit following him to his room. I, with all my motherly wisdom, told him "Welcome to big brotherhood." He then asked me for a piece of paper and a pen. When I later went to his room, he had posted a sign that read "no gril a lad." I love kid writing too!! Why can't we all just write the words how they sound. Reading would be much easier to learn how to do!!

Eastlyn and co. said...

That list is priceless I love the "sawer craem." You've gotta stash that one in her scrapbook. Sophie may not be as big as the "big girls" but she sure is looking less like a baby!

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