Sunday, January 23, 2011

So-Pee's Birthday!

January birthdays are a little challenging. Grace's May birthday is easy - great weather, everyone's ready to be outside, they've been a breeze to plan. So far, both Sophie's birthdays have been at home, inside, with just family. I'm glad she's still too young to realize swimming parties and picnics outside aren't gonna happen without some relocation!

It didn't matter though. As soon as she saw her cake, she yelled, "Happy!". That made momma happy. I was glad this sweet snowy cake could make her smile.

Cousin party goers

About to Blow!

She had no trouble feeding herself this year - sniff....

We love you very much, So-pees!


The Allens said...

That cake is adorable! You have the cutest cakes for your girls!

Flo said...

Thank you! I can't take credit! We have a wonderful bakery, and occassionally some talented friends, that I just give ideas to and they create. The cake is my favorite part!

Keri said...

Sweet girl, love her.

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