Friday, May 13, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Review

So Blogger's Back On! (finally).

I thought I'd take a minute to give a review of Annie Sloan's chalk paint. Really, I'm in the middle of two different projects right now, so I don't have any fun before & afters......but both projects involve this chalk paint that's so, so popular right now. If you are considering ordering some, you might read on.

First - Pros
1) EVERYTHING! There are so many pros to this paint that it's hard to priming, no sanding....just slather it on your project. It has a velvet-like finish. Dries fast...and you can easily tell when it's dry - I like that.
2) Distressing. Wow. It's beautiful. It rubs off evenly without peeling or pulling like paint sometimes does. I like to use a coarse sanding block and just rub in circles. The chalk paint tends to distress prettier than opinion.
3) Layering. There are so many ways to work with the colors of this paint.....layering one under another......I need to take a workshop to show me the many different ways you can use with it.
4) Her wax. I've used only the Dark Wax....(I used regular Minwax finishing paste after painting) and it's soft, smooth and buttery. Easy to work with. I love the aged patina the Dark Wax gives...especially over those bright colors!
4) Time factor. Without having to prime or sand......this directly offsets Con #1.....

Okay now, Cons:
1) Price. It's steep. It only comes in quarts (another con) and with shipping and handling it comes to around $45 per quart. Lady Butterbug out of McKinney, Texas, is a great stockist to order from. Now, I can get about two large projects or 3 medium sized projects done with one quart, so a little goes a long way. But gotta figure at least $15 of just paint material alone on each project (something to think about if you plan to sell).
2) Make sure to use a clear wax BEFORE distressing....otherwise you'll end up with powdery fine dust everywhere! Whew!
3) All the colors I've tried so far (Paris Grey, Louis Blue) cover wonderfully....but Old White, although gorgeous, takes two or more coats to cover. So plan on ordering another quart extra of Old White than normal.

I'm so ready to order Antibes Green and Aubusson Blue (who doesn't love those names?)....
oh....and I'm also ready to buy stock in this company. I have a feeling Lowe's, Home Depot....all of them are knockin' down her door right now. Do any stockbrockers read this blog??


Vintage Restyled said...

Thanks for the review. I have just started my first project. Of course I did so IN MY house, may have to move the sucker outside to distress.

Lady Butterbug said...

Hi Flo!
Thank you for the nice comments about Lady Butterbug! As far as the dust when you're helps to clear wax before distressing. This will help keep the dust down. After distressing you can apply dark wax to the distressed areas to add patina plus the first applied clear wax will help wipe off the dark wax. Keep up the great work! Karla

Unknown said...

I was wondering...have you had any problems with the Chalk Paint scratching? I just painted two pieces, I haven't waxed yet. They have been left to dry over 24 hours. But if I try to scratch it with my fingernail, the paint scratches off so easily.
Does the wax prevent it from scratching so easily?

Anonymous said...

Lucys Baby.....yes, the wax is used to set the paint

Sheena Marie said...

Is there any other wax you can suggest that would work other than annie sloans wax?

j lee said...

Great blog! Have you worked with Annie Sloan's Paris Grey? I want a grey, but this seems to have quite a purple hue (that I don't want...) Your thoughts? Thank you!

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