Monday, May 2, 2011

The Hardest Project

I work at a Title I school district, and every year, the absolute hardest "project" is crazily enough...not TAKS.....not Alamo's Mother's Day. That's no lie. Mother's Day.

Year after year, it's sad to say that most students don't live with their parents. Grandmothers, aunts, relatives.....not mothers. Or, their version of "quality time" with their mother is watching tv. Or watching their parents sleep. Creating a Mother's Day poem with specific memories about their mom is a heart-wrenching task. I can't tell you how many times I've asked a child what 'a special memory with their mother' has been, only to have a reply....."the time she bought me ___". That's it. No homemade cookie moments. No back scratches.

This past weekend, my family took time out from the craziness of this past week, to enjoy each other. We went to the Children's Park in Tyler, Texas, which is an area built and dedicated to children whose lives were lost too early. It's such a strangely peaceful place.

God's presence is tangible.

One inscribed quote read, " Each day we make deposits in the memory banks of our children." - Author Unknown.

I pray my girl's memory banks are full of love, hugs, tender moments, and sincere conversation.

We love these two so much.


Britt said...

It does my heart so much good to see pictures of your girls enjoying The Children's Park. Our daughter, Ella Grace, who was born still March 4, 2010 has a stone in her memory there. It is such a beatiful place!!

Keri said...

I had no idea there was such a place in Tyler... :)

Logan @LifeforDessert said...

Oh my goodness...the picture of the quote at the top made me cry immediately! I have miscarried 2 babies (and have 2 here on earth with me) and there is a song called "Glory Baby" by Watermark that I listened to over and over with my losses. You are so right though....I want my children's memories to be full of hugs and love and fun.

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