Friday, May 20, 2011

He Started It....

Several people have asked me recently, "So how did all this painting stuff come about?" I've been just an average mom/wife/teacher....doing life like normal. And now, I'm enjoying life with the addition of a wonderful little booth named after this blog. When asked that question - there's no clear answer. I've taken one painting workshop....refinished a couple pieces of my own furniture before I officially sold my first piece a few months ago to a stranger....and just in the last three weeks, I've sold all the large pieces I've ever done! Who'd a thought?
.....well, He did.

I've always been into art. I worked alongside my mom, painting ceramics...watching her create her own pieces. In highschool, I longed for a career in an art/design field. I went to UNT for one semester and majored in art....taking Design and Drawing courses....but none of that turned into much. I bowed out for a forward to me wanting to teach. I first sought after an Art position - didn't get it. And now, I get it. Really.

It's wonderful how you can look back days, weeks, years into your life and see a carefully orchestrated plan. How what seemed like wrong turns at one point, were actually right turns. What seemed like barriers to entry, were actually doors being closed for a reason. God knew exactly how Flo would 'get her art groove on'. He's the ultimate artist....lending me His expertise for a short time.

Each piece sold at Winnie & Tulula's is thrilling. It's encouraging. It continues smashing away at those devilish doubts that make me think, "Give this up...You're no good." And your words of encouragement (you know who you are....) have been undeniably effective.

I'm just typing away on cloud nine booth is empty from furniture sales (gotta get to work, natch!) Uganda trip is fully funded now from donations, generosity, and God's little timing quirks ; ) hubs has raised over $900 through running that was going to go to my trip, but now will benefit & bless someone else's......and mostly, I am just thankful that God's allowing me to do all these things Through Him.


Sheila said...

Congratulations on selling all of your furniture...I too sold a lot this month in my space. I love your post this evening...God has been providing for us this month in amazing ways...not quite what I may have wanted, but it sure is what I/we needed...He is so good. I hope you have a great weekend.

Smiles and Blessings,

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Flo, I have enjoyed seeing all the things you have been doing! And what a Blessing to see your talent in motion! You have displayed beautiful work! I went to see your booth, and it happened to be on a day where it was almost empty!! But I will go back! Have a Blessed and Happy:) wk-end!

Having It All said...

You're livin' the dream. That is beautiful! I look forward to the day when all the crooked turns I've made, He makes straight.

Your stuff is great!

Laurie said...

WEll, after walking that path myself I can honestly say that looking back is pretty "awe" some how He does that...I know we aren't supposed to Look back and always look forward, but I can't help myself sometimes. A friend told me once, God helps those who help themselves...and she was right! I told God "if you will just provide the work, I will work as hard as I can." He not only provided it but blessed it as well. I see the same thing going on here. You may be called "Goin' with the Flo" but your shows that He is FLOwing through you." Keep it up girl!!! Congrats on your sales!!

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