Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Meditation

I'm working on client pieces this week (I sound so professional saying that.....I should really be saying I'm doing projects for friends) and this one is just going to be a gem. A real gem.

And I realized tonight that when I'm painting, it's my own form of meditation. My mind is in a peaceful place...no matter how stressful the day was. I've got my favorite music on, usually Christian....Selah, Breakaway, Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham.... (but sometimes I'm rockin' to "Flo jams" Beyonce is thrown in there for sure!)

I'm thinking about God. The blessings He's given me. I pondering this new venture of mine.....dreaming big about it. Wondering why God didn't give me the talent to sing because I sing my heart out when I paint and it sounds baaadddd. I'm realizing that my hub's passion for running is his meditation and I should ease up on the nagging of it sometimes...... And my mind wanders from place to place with ease. Giving good thought to each subject .....

I enjoy each project I start. Even the beginning when I'm searching through my hub's tool box to find the flat head screwdriver to begin taking knobs off......and I look forward to my "meditation time". It's wayyy better than watching TV.

" Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, O Lord" Psalm 19:14


Laurie said...

It is looking awesome!!!! I am so excited!!

MarciJaye said...

Love the piece and the words...good thoughts.

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