Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teachers....don't stress! And other things...

TAKS test tomorrow. Prayers & stress relief to all the teachers out there! Can I get an "amen"? That word in itself is worth an extra scoop of ice cream tonight.

I voted today...I so wish they would make that process easier. At least easier for those who are voter-challenged, like myself. (I didn't even dare try to vote electronically....good old paper will do!) I had to visit 3 different precincts before finding the right one for my address - this is Athens, Texas....not Chicago!

The kids are going crazy in class...I think our uber-video game society has turned their little minds into one big reality show of "Who Can Talk the Most?".

And finally, my daughter seems to have taken a pill that makes her very hyper. The last few days, she's been acting uncannily like the children in my class....super wild & crazy. Is it a full moon?

At least I'm in my PJ's now....the day is over & the week is halfway done! I'm so looking forward to marking tomorrow (TAKS day) off and starting the countdown to SPRING BREAK! 8 workdays and counting!

Here's some pics of Grace "fixing" mommy's hair the other night. She doesn't know it, but I love this more than she does......if I could have someone play with my hair all day tomorrow, I just might survive!
Salon A La Grace


Heather said...

Good Luck tomorrow Flo..I'll say a little prayer for those crazy/wild 4th graders!! I haven't posted in a while or commented b/c we've had company and are gearing up for our 2nd round tomorrow. I hope your day isn't to stressful.

Keri said...

Missed ya'll at church tonight!

Juli said...

She's so pretty, Florence!!! I love reading about her :)

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