Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I survived!

I knooooowwww you've been wondering, "Did Flo survive the TAKS? How's she doin'?" Well, I thank you for your thoughts (even if you didn't think of me one iota, I thank you for the desire you have to read my blog right thank you!)

I did survive. I learned not to wear heeled boots on TAKS days, but I did survive! My kids actually used all the strategies I taught & took their time. In case you non-teachers are wondering, that seems to be the biggest challenge teachers face right now - effort. Except for the minor few, the "pride and effort in work" stock is down right now. Really down. But on occassion, they do surprise you. And it's what makes teachers continue on.....

On a more fun note, this weather has a really good sense of humor. 70 degrees & rainy & freezing! Love it! (sarcasm there!) Ugh.... I'm so ready for
S-P-R-I-N-G! Speaking of spring, can anyone believe that Easter is in two weeks? My one question is...who decides when Easter occurs? Is there a "Holiday Calendar Manager" in the East wing of the White House? If you know, please share.....

Here's a photo of all my beautiful nieces & my daughter from Easter last year....when it was in April. Like it should be.

Easter 2007 at Mimi & Papaw's house


The Garners said...

What a cute picture! I agree--Easter seems like it should be an April holiday--maybe even mid to late April so that there's a chance of warm weather.

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