Monday, March 10, 2008


In lieu of anything much to say tonight, I thought I'd share prayer time with Grace. It's so funny when kids learn to talk....they use words in the most interesting ways! So, as best I can, here's a pretty typical prayer - word for word - that Grace says at bedtime.

Thank you for the Beelers and the Taylors and the Peachs and Neil and Mimi and Papaw....
God....I just praise you. God.....I wish if everyone could not get sick. Daddy get home carefully. God.....I just never, ever, ever,ever want to get sick. God....just praise your name.
In Christ's name, Christ you - Amen.

I'm not quite sure where she got the "Christ you" part...I think it's a version of 'bless you' with a 3 year old twist. I love hearing her pray though. It's precious & sweet.....although sometimes I just do my best to hold in my laughter from something she said. Bad mommy!

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